3 Ways to Use Orchids in Different Parts of Your Home

Orchids are some of the most recognisable plants on the planet. They can be found in all florist shops and in a variety of colours, so they are ideal for livening up an interior space. But different flowers work well in different parts of the home, so how can you specifically use orchids in different interior spaces?

The Bathroom. The bathroom is a room of the house that all too often gets overlooked because it serves a primarily functional purpose. But with some dramatic orchids, your bathroom can be transformed into a spa room where you actually want to spend a relaxing Sunday evening. Unfortunately, not all flowers can thrive in a bathroom because the heat and the moisture will cause a lot of flowers to wilt. This is not the case with orchids, at least tropical orchids, because they are accustomed to and thrive in the humid conditions that other plants hate.

A Dark Study. Although most people would love to have a home-office or study that is filled with natural light throughout the day, the reality is that most studies are relegated to the spare room that you have no other use for. If you have a dark office space and you are wondering if there is any way to liven it up with plants and flowers, look no further than the jewel orchid. Jewel orchids naturally grow on the rainforest floor where all the natural light is blocked by the canopy of the forest, so they actually prefer darker conditions, and too much light will interfere with the natural colour of its leaves. They still need some humidity, so it may be worth alternating a jewel orchid to a bathroom now and then. Place the jewel orchid on your desk when you are hard at work, and you'll have a fresh breath of life in your office that will make you more productive and creative.

The Dining Room. While it's nice to have a variety of plants located around the house, the dining table is one place where you'll really want to make a statement. Orchids are the perfect choice for a centrepiece because their tall, statuesque nature combined with their bold flowers make them a stellar choice. Although its name leaves a lot to be desired, ask your florist for a white bog orchid to make a grand statement – the white flowers of this particular type of orchid flower nicely complement the tall stem. 

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Orchids are some of the most recognisable plants on the planet. They can be found in all florist shops and in a variety of colours, so they are ideal