How You Can Arrange Calla Lilies In A Vase

Arranging flowers is one of those jobs that are easily said than done. To most people, it is all about putting the flowers in a vase and letting them be. Well, that is not how you go about some flowers like calla lilies. If you want these flowers to serve you for a long time, you should be extra careful when you are arranging them.

What Are Calla Lilies?

Calla lilies are flowers with tall, thick green stems and trumpet shaped blooms that can appear in different shades including orange, cream, white, lavender, and soft pink.  These blooms are also delicate and should be handled with care during arrangement; if possible, avoid touching them.

How Do You Arrange Calla Lilies In A Vase?

Begin by preparing your vase. Pour fresh water into the vase until you are left with about two inches at the top. Then mix the water with floral preservative to help your flowers live a longer life. Do not worry if you do not have the preservative; sugar can serve the same purpose. Add one teaspoon of sugar to the water followed by a drop of household bleach. These compounds will prevent the growth of bacteria in the water.

Then take your calla lilies and stand them in the water for a minimum of two hours to hydrate. During this time, air bubbles may clog the stems; hence, it is important to protect the stems by placing an elastic band around each one of them for the first hour.

After the two hours are up, the next part is to cut the stems to your desired length. Cut them in a way that the flowers will be able to fit in the vase. And remember to make a slanted cut, say a 45 degree angle cut, so that the stems can be able to draw enough water to maintain their freshness. Also ensure that the cut is made while the stems are still under the water.

Finally, arrange your calla lilies. This you can do according to your wishes as long as the arrangement brings out the best look out of the flowers. Once they are positioned, you can even opt to add other types of flowers.

How Do You Take Care Of Calla Lilies?

Always place your lilies in an area that receives enough sunlight. Otherwise, the lilies will begin to search for sunlight on their own and destroy the shape of their arrangement. And when they begin to look tired, bring them back to life by puncturing a hole in their stems, just below the flower head. This helps in releasing air from the howl and will speed up the water intake process.

If you have questions, contact a florist.

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