What Are The Available Styles For Rugby Jerseys?

Rugby is perhaps the second most popular sport in the world after football. Rugby fans love expressing their love for the game and support for their teams by wearing replica jerseys of their favourite players. In addition to this, rugby jerseys have become a personal fashion statement for many fans. As such, jersey manufacturers have been forced to come up with different styles for their jerseys so as to give their clients a wider variety to choose from. Here is a look at a few of these styles for the benefit of the die-hard rugby fan.

Body Contour Rugby Jerseys

Body contour rugby jerseys are often made of a mixture of polyester and Lycra with polyester as the dominant material. Just as their name suggests, body contour rugby jerseys are designed in close resemblance with the wearer's upper body shape. These jerseys "map out" the wearer's body similar to the manner in which contour lines map out features on a map. Thus, body contour rugby jerseys often feel like a second skin on the rugby fan.

Body contour jerseys often feature a round or V-neck and look especially good on fans who are in great physical shape.

The Semi-Fit Rugby Jersey

Semi-fit rugby jerseys are the most popular type of jerseys with rugby fans. Perhaps because many rugby fans don't like working out and these jerseys allow them to look good regardless of their physical shape. Semi-fit rugby jerseys are made with just the right amount of fabric for a comfortable loose fit. They afford the wearer enough room for comfortable movement and sufficient flow of air around the chest area, thus keeping him or her cool throughout the game.

Collar types available with these jerseys are the round-neck, V-neck, horseshoe and continental, among others.

The Silhouette Fit Rugby Jersey

This type of jersey is specifically designed for female rugby enthusiasts. Jersey manufacturers understand that their female clients need to maintain their femininity even when supporting their favourite teams. The silhouette fit rugby jersey is made with a soft technical fabric which incorporates a two-way stretch. This allows the shirt to morph in accordance with the feminine shape of its wearer, thereby accentuating their physique and natural curves. These jerseys are mainly preferred for the great degree of flexibility they're able to provide.

Silhouette fit rugby jerseys often feature a round or V-neck.

Next time when shopping for rugby jerseys, be sure to consider one of the styles discussed above for the ultimate

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